Stacey Conti is Director of Urban and Regional Initiatives at the West Asia Council. In this capacity, she focuses on highlighting the multicultural and diverse heritage of the U.S.and expanding the access of “newer” communities to heritage and legacy projects across the U.S. She is an expert on community banking and impact investing, and has been involved in the start and sale of over a dozen regional and community banks. In addition, she is a leading authority on U.S.-based Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). Over the past 18, years Stacey has worked on Solera bank, Savoy bank, Harvest bank of Maryland, T-Bank, Premiere Service bank, 1st Pacific, Hometown bank and Patriot Federal to name a few. In addition, she has worked with regulatory authorities such as the Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC to start new banks and restore capital to troubled banks. Stacey began her career as a Systems Administrator for CSPI and contracted to many financial companies to ensure their compliance with U.S. Federal regulations.

Stacey began her banking career in the 1990s with Start a Bank, overseeing the organization’s marketing and education division. She has a keen understanding of regulatory procedures and the investment process with respect to opening a new bank and gaining capital investors. During the banking crisis in 2008 Stacey focused on saving troubled banks. As CEO of a newly formed bank consulting firm, Efluidity, she advised clients on the nuances of the M&A process, ownership structures, regulatory compliance and business plan development. The firm specialized in counseling clients on the proper acquisition strategy for their specific needs. More recently Stacey has been involved in numerous start-ups and the development of a new private equity fund for Impact investments through the EB5 program, focused on connecting would-be immigrants to the impact investing and community development initiatives. Stacey holds a M.S., Information Systems, from New York University, and a B.S., Marketing, from Florida Atlantic University.